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Bloodkin- LP (assistant engineer), 2019

The Nice Price- LP (recording, mixing and mastering), 2019

Ricardo Chavez- EP (vocal tracking), 2019

Christopher Johnston- EP (recording, mixing and mastering), 2019

Partials- Singles project (assistant engineer), 2018

Mitchell Powers- EP (engineer), 2019

Contact me to see Classical recording work

from Hugh Hodgson School of Music! 


"The Wild Ones" Project

engineer, 2019

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Kishi Bashi

"Omoiyari" LP

string section, vocal, and organ overdubs


vLane Marie

"Gifts from my Father" EP

engineer, 2019


"Voodoo" LP 

assistant engineer, session vocalist, 2019

Andrew Blooms

"My Time Will Come" Single 

engineer, 2019

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Until Three

"Downtown" Single 

producer, 2019

the Family Recipe-

"Mushroom for Improvement" EP

producer, 2018

Zac Crook

"Because of Good People" EP 

assistant engineer, 2018

Neighbor Lady

Athens Resonates session, limited edition vinyl

assistant engineer, 2019


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"You'll Never Know" Single

mastering and session violinist, 2019

Jeffrey Vernon

"Big Jet Plan" Single

producer and session violinist, 2019

Jeffrey Vernon

"Witching Hour" LP

producer and session violinist, 2019

Sibylline Lover

"Clarissa" Single

engineer, 2019

Cheese Dream

Self-titled LP

engineer, 2019


"What's Behind You?" EP

engineer, 2018

Xanny P

"Plan P" LP

vocal tracking, 2018

Divine Mind


(recording, mixing, mastering), 2019 

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assistant engineer, featured violinist


Property of Bolton 

"Epicycles" EP

engineer, 2018

Brad Gerke

"Burden" LP

drum tracking, mixing and violin, 2019

The Pink Stones 

"Live Tapes"

mix engineer, violinist, 2018

The Powers

"Staring at the Ceiling" EP 

engineer, 2019

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John Patrick

"We Should Dance" Single 

engineer, 2019

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Peter Van Zandt Lane

"New Cartography" LP